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DEC CEPS Cost Recovery Rider and 2023 Compliance Report Public Redacted Version

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Peggy H Holton
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01 DEC CEPS Rider Application FINAL 02.27.2024 (E-7, Sub 1306) - PUBLIC [434.95KB]
02 Presson Direct Testimony FINAL (E-7 Sub 1306) [798.59KB]
03 Presson Exhibit 1_PUBLIC [675.68KB]
04 Presson Exhibit 1 Appendix 1 [216.20KB]
05 Presson Exhibit 1 Appendix 2_PUBLIC [1,394.42KB]
06 Presson Exhibit 2_PUBLIC [487.78KB]
07 Presson Exhibit 3_PUBLIC [285.28KB]
08 Presson Exhibit 4 2023 Duke Resource Adequacy Study [2,817.18KB]
09 Presson Exhibit 5 2023 Duke Wind ELCC [891.91KB]
10 Presson Exhibit 6 2023 Solar Integration Service Charge [2,394.85KB]
11 Presson Exhibit 7 Adopting DVAR to Mitigate PV Impacts [2,680.55KB]
12 Presson Exhibit 8 Application of HiLS_PUBLIC [63.51KB]
13 Presson Exhibit 9 Battery Cost Index from Fastmarkets [744.57KB]
14 Presson Exhibit 10 Biogas Utilization in NC Phase II [5,390.56KB]
15 Presson Exhibit 11 Bus Load Allocation Analysis_PUBLIC [63.17KB]
16 Presson Exhibit 12 Emissions from Landfill RNG [20,368.87KB]
17 Presson Exhibit 13 DC Microgrids and DC Homes [1,338.07KB]
18 Presson Exhibit 14 DER Commissioning Procedure & Toolkit_PUBLIC [63.33KB]
19 Presson Exhibit 15 Developing Large DER Protection Guidelines [668.44KB]
20 Presson Exhibit 16 Grid Resilience_PUBLIC [63.17KB]
21 Presson Exhibit 17 Impacts of Managed EV Charging [1,638.86KB]
22 Presson Exhibit 18 Low Energy Drying Swine Sludge_PUBLIC [63.52KB]
23 Presson Exhibit 19 Microgrid EMT Study Enhancement_PUBLIC [63.40KB]
24 Presson Exhibit 20 Monitor and Op Assessment DER Reactive Power Part 1_PUBLIC [63.40KB]
25 Presson Exhibit 21 Monitor and Op Assessment DER Reactive Power Part 2_PUBLIC [63.41KB]
26 Presson Exhibit 22 Power Flow Analysis_Phase 1_PUBLIC [63.40KB]
27 Presson Exhibit 23 Power Flow Analysis_Phase 2_PUBLIC [63.40KB]
28 Presson Exhibit 24 Reliability Assessment for PV Phase 2 [4,687.65KB]
29 Presson Exhibit 25 Resilient Community Mircrogrids_PUBLIC [63.71KB]
30 Presson Exhibit 26 Solutions for Islanding_PUBLIC [63.40KB]
31 Presson Exhibit 27 Strategic and Flexible Controllable Load Resources [1,673.10KB]
32 Presson Exhibit 28 Verif Perf of Bulk Pwr Sys-Connected Solar Wind Storage_PUBLIC [63.77KB]
33 Williams Direct Testimony FINAL (E-7 Sub 1306) [397.01KB]
34 Williams Exhibit 1_PUBLIC [56.68KB]
35 Williams Exhibit 2 Compliance Costs EMF [112.38KB]
36 Williams Exhibit 3 Projected Compliance Costs [111.59KB]
37 Williams Exhibit 4 DEC NC Retail Monthly CEPS Rider Components Calculation [85.68KB]
38 Williams Exhibit 5 Proposed CEPS Rider Tariff Sheet [214.57KB]
39 Williams Exhibit 6 Worksheet Detailing EEC Inventory [224.78KB]