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Supplemental Materials in Support of Crosby Utilities Transfer Application

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Dan Higgins
Attorney for Bald Head Island Club
P.O Box 10867
Raleigh,  NC  27605
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Amended Crosby Application Pages 4 and 5 [915.58KB]
Attachment E.1 Redacted - Financials - Crosby [351.78KB]
Attachment E.2 - Pro Forma Balance Sheet - Red Bird UOC [154.63KB]
Attachment G.1 - Crosby Purchase Agreement_Redacted [1,285.48KB]
Attachment L.1 - System Assessment Memo Crosby Utilities - Baywood (Water) [191.89KB]
Attachment L.2 - System Assessment Memo Crosby Utilities - Baywood Cottonwood (Sewer) [191.60KB]
Attachment O - Asset List - Crosby [422.64KB]
LT Clerk 5272021 [210.98KB]