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NC WARN and Center for Biological Diversity Initial Comments on Duke Integrated Resource Plans

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Jeremy L Best
Applachian Voice
127 W. Hargett Street
Suite 600
Raleigh,  NC  27601
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Att. 1 - Powers's Report [1,531.31KB]
Att. 2 - Wood Mackenzie Executive Summary [1,269.24KB]
Att. 3 - 2019 DEP FERC Form 1 [13,476.15KB]
Att. 4 - 2019 DEC FERC Form 1 [14,810.25KB]
Att. 5 - DEC-DEP Response to SELC DR 2-12 [618.61KB]
Att. 6 - DEC-DEP Response to NCWARN-CBD DR 4-5 [658.49KB]
Att. 7 - Transcript of NCUC Staff Conference, March 2, 2015 [1,107.63KB]
Initial Comments [886.94KB]