North Carolina Utilities Commission
Document Number: F-EMP-20190520-074

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Certificate of Service of Public Notice

Date Received:
Filing Date:
Tracking Number::
Filed By:
Tricia B Butler
Fox Rothschild, LLP
434 Fayetteville Street
Suite 2800
Raleigh,  NC  27601
Means Received:

Certificate of Service of Public Notice on parties of record that filed complains in Docket EMP-103 Sub 0

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Certificate of Service of Notice of Public Hearing - EMP-103, Sub 0 [68.37KB]
Exhibit 2 - Certified Mail Receipts and Return Receipts - EMP-103, Sub 0 [346.51KB]
Letter to Ms. Jarvis Filing Certificate of Service - EMP-103, Sub 0 [50.25KB]
Letters and Public Notice to those filing Complaints in Docket EMP-103, Sub 0 [401.67KB]
Map Attached to Letters filed as Exhibit 1 [330.31KB]