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DEC DEP Verified Petition for Approval of Carbon Plan

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Peggy H Holton
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E-100 Sub 179 DEC DEP Verified Petition for Approval of Carbon Plan

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Appendix A - Carbon Baseline and Accounting [638.90KB]
Appendix B - Stakeholder Engagement [1,060.25KB]
Appendix C - System Overview [831.30KB]
Appendix D - DEC-DEP Owned Generation [1,461.79KB]
Appendix E - Quantitative Analysis [4,329.46KB]
Appendix F - Electric Load Forecast [1,922.22KB]
Appendix G - Grid Edge and Customer Programs [1,673.80KB]
Appendix H - Screening of Generation Alternatives [879.66KB]
Appendix I - Solar [471.69KB]
Appendix J - Wind [1,214.95KB]
Appendix K - Energy Storage [722.21KB]
Appendix L - Nuclear [769.94KB]
Appendix M - Natural Gas [468.66KB]
Appendix N - Fuel Supply [615.73KB]
Appendix O - Low-Carbon Fuels and Hydrogen [481.78KB]
Appendix P - Transmission System Planning and Grid Transformation [1,865.58KB]
Appendix Q - Reliability and Operational Resilience Considerations [747.15KB]
Appendix R - Consolidated System Operations [580.13KB]
Appendix S - Integrated System and Operations Planning (ISOP) [775.49KB]
Appendix T - Cross Reference [505.38KB]
Attachment I - DEC 2020 Resource Adequacy Study [2,009.46KB]
Attachment II - DEP 2020 Resource Adequacy Study [2,072.51KB]
Attachment III - DEC.DEP ELCC Study [2,556.97KB]
Attachment IV - DEC.DEP NC MPS [5,231.76KB]
Carbon Plan Cover Letter and COS_E-100 Sub 179 [219.65KB]
Chapter 1 - Introduction and Background [513.29KB]
Chapter 2 - Methodology and Key Assumptions [1,275.49KB]
Chapter 3 - Portfolios [5,981.41KB]
Chapter 4 - Execution Plan [1,282.94KB]
Executive Summary [4,151.65KB]
Verified Petition for Approval of Carbon Plan [483.30KB]