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Application for Approval of Business Combination Between Carolina Water Service, Inc. of NC/Corix Infrastructure (US) Inc and SW Merger Acquisition Corp.-Public

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CWSNC_SWW Merger_W-354 Sub 412_b__Appendix C - Testimony State President Denton _11-23-2022 [792.67KB]
CWSNC_SWW Merger_W-354 Sub 412_c_Appendix D - Testimony Lapson_11-23-2022 [1,235.90KB]
CWSNC_SWW Merger_W-354 Sub 412_d_Appendix E - Testimony Incumbent DeStefano_11-23-2022 [1,526.71KB]
CWSNC_SWW Merger_W-354 Sub 412_e_Appendix F - Non-Incumbent Testimony Bahr_11-23-2022 [806.11KB]
CWSNC_SWW Merger_W-354 Sub 412_a_Joint Application for Merger Approval_11-23-2022+ [7,095.29KB]