North Carolina Utilities Commission
Document Number: F-G-20200731-088

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Direct Testimony of Todd Breece, Direct Testimony and Exhibits of Jeffrey Patton and Direct Testimony and Exhibits of MaryBeth Tomlinson

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Sloane K OHare
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G-9, Sub 771 - J. Patton NC 2020 Prudence Testimony Exhibits_FINAL [627.18KB]
G-9, Sub 771 - M. Tomlinson NC 2020 Prudence Testimony Exhbiits_FINAL [320.50KB]
G-9, Sub 771 - Prudence Transmittal Letter [363.91KB]
G-9, Sub 771 - T. Breece NC 2020 Prudence Tesitmony (FINAL) [203.85KB]