North Carolina Utilities Commission
Document Number: F-W-20221207-094

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Application for Transfer of Meadowlands Development, LLC d Bird Utility Operating Company, LLC and Suuplemental Attachment-Public

Date Received:
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Filed By:
Dan Higgins
Attorney for Bald Head Island Club
P.O Box 10867
Raleigh,  NC  27605
Means Received:

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Attachment G.3 - Executed Assignment of Contract Rights (Meadowlands) [111.93KB]
Attachment Q - Meadowlands Easement List [132.67KB]
LT Clerk 12062022 [230.91KB]
S Cert Good Standing - NCCSWR [58.01KB]
S Cert Good Standing - RBU Holding Company, LLC [57.61KB]
S Cert Good Standing - RBU Operating Company, LLC [57.17KB]
S CSWR O&M Qualification and Bidding Process [135.96KB]
S CSWR RFQ Template [473.90KB]
S Explanation of Corporate Structure [137.79KB]